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Sound Quality

No offense to Harvey S. in Canada, but THIS THING IS SWEET! I've been playing for 42 (almost 43) years, played for a living, still play on weekends (now that I have a "real" job), and this thing sounds better than my Tubescreamer 7, in fact, my TS7 is probably going up for sale soon, and not only because I need the cash right now either. Here's my setup: Strat/Greg Bennett Santana clone/LP Junior/Frankenstrat (depending on what set we're playing) into Rockson OD10/Ibanez TS7/Big Muff/DOD FX65(for Leslie tones)/BC10 Bass Chorus (for Leslie stuff too)/Danelectro Cool Cat/Dan-Echo Delay/ generic EQ to an all tube VC3112 Blonde 1-12" combo. This is what I use and it works for me. I have had no noise from this pedal. I can get Stevie Ray, Buddy Guy, Keith Richards, Johnny Winter, Ry Cooder, even heavier sounds for rhythm (crank the gain), whatever I want out of this pedal. Works great with all my pedals, and make my amp sing, man it gets sweet feedback too (of course you gotta know how to work your amp and your neck). Could use a little more bottom, but I can forgive that for the Texas Tone I get, and I can change a couple of caps here and there. WOW. and I only paid 20 bucks...go figure.


Looks like a Boss, stomps like a Boss, case like a Boss...Been using without backup, but then I've got my OD channel in the VC3112...so far so good.

General Comments

I've played everything there is...blues, rock, new wave, country, psychobilly metal, spacerock (Hawkwind) but I'm playing classic rock & blues(isn't everybody?) right now, seems to be what's selling, gotta make a living, besides I like it better that the MTV years, my hair was SO BIG back then! Been playing almost 43 years, 35 for a living (yes, since I was 12, started playing teen dances, roadhouses and racetracks, and quit school, what an idiot, stay in school boys and girls). I'd buy it again in a heartbeat, and I think I'm gonna have to grab up a few more before the word gets out. Bought it for a backup, it was cheap, it was new, got pleasantly surprised! I must be an idiot for spilling the beans on this, but that's what being brothers(and sisters too, ladies) in arms is all about, kids. BTW, this sounds best with a TUBE AMP. It's not gonna sound the same with a solid state amp, so don't expect it to! This sounds like my old TS9 years ago, just needs a little more bottom, but hey, I got bass controls on my amp. This thing gets the Texas stuff I want, and makes a good booster for my OD channel too. Get one BEFORE I GET THEM ALL! Oh, and BTW, vintage pedals aren't any better than new ones...THEY'RE JUST OLDER, I'VE PLAYED THEM ALL, TRUST ME! Don't blow your bucks on 5 million dollar TS9's, Big muffs and a lock of Hendrix's hair (man he was a genuis)...just buy a new one and LEARN HOW TO USE IT! It's not the equipment that does the work, it's YOU.

Peace Ya'll



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