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Doc Pride

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

No offense to tonesnob, but this monkey is a great buy! I don't know what he's playing through, but I also notice he didn't list it either. Here's what I use it through: 3 Strats/Gerg Bennett Santana clone with humbuckers/Rockson OD10 (yes, and it sounds good!)/Bad Monkey/Big Muff/Zoom Driver (the good metal cased modeler)/Cool Cat Chorus/Danecho Delay/Crate Blonde Vintage VC3112 all tube Combo. This thing smokes, no noise (depends a lot on your gear) stands out in the mix well. My other lead player heard it before I told him it was on my pedalboard the 1st gig I used it at and he said "what is that? Did you put new tubes in your amp?" Thought it was my OD channel on steriods, he said. Kids, if you can't get a good sound out of this with a decent amp and guitar, you need to go back to square 1. With my volume and tone controls, and some palm muting, I can make this thing do (almost, lets be fair) anything I want from Stevie Ray to ZZ Top (more in the old days). Good pedal, mmm mmm mmm!


Heavy duty case, only had it a month, but yeah I'd gig without a backup, but I usually have something around just in case. After 42 years of playing you tend to cover your backside!

General Comments

Right now I play classic rock for the bucks (have a very sick wife and we need the money for doctors & meds). Works great for distortion OR overdrive, specially in my style I'm playing. Great sustain when I kick in the OD channel on my amp, real nice for slide too all on its own. Nice pinch harmonics, but again, you gotta have a fair guitar and a decent amp, tubes help a lot. Lost/Stolen, I'd buy it again and be glad the guy that stole it had one now too. Ain't really nothing to pick apart here, it's just a flat out great deal and great sounding pedal. I stomp, it screams, that's all I want, the added plus that it's a smokin pedal for OD sounds with great clarity is just gravy to me. Remember boys and girls, YOU DON'T NEED A THOUSAND DOLLAR TS9, 30 YEAR OLD BIG MUFF, OR A LOCK OF ELVIS'S HAIR TO SOUND GOOD! Just learn your craft and find the sound you want, and if it comes from a 10 dollar pawnshop pedal, so be it. Don't fall prey to the boutique thieves or relic peddlers (no pun intended). Live and play, folks, it's all good. Been at it 42 years and I'm still searchin...Love to ya all.


The Doctor


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