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Sound Quality

Nice quiet sound (using a Boss power supply, center ground), this thing has what I want...it can also get the much-sought after Leslie sound too with the twist of one knob. Gets a little airy (slight white noise) when cranked, almost like a reverb, but then why crank it unless that’s the sound you want? I can get even close to a flanger sound, but I don’t need to, just an FYI. Nice and transparent, at moderate to lower settings, this thing sounds almost as good as an Arion SCH-1 I had (BOUGHT NEW about 10 years ago before every idiot and his brother started jacking the prices on used, falling apart junked out broken left-overs, you guys ought to be ashamed of yourselves, definitely not musicians), very transparent at medium to lower settings, you can actually hear your guitar. Nice, and I buy from the ear, not the price or notoriety, kids. Use your ears, not your peer pressure. And remember: anything is gonna sound like crap around fluorescent lights or plugged into wiring with a bad ground or reversed hot and neutral. Remember one other thing: MY AMP AIN”T THE SAME AS YOURS, IT’S GONNA SOUND A LITTLE DIFFERENT!


I think I used to have a couple of the 10 series Ibanez pedals ( and a SoundTank, those are cheap crappy circuits and don’t work well) on the road in the 80's when I did the MTV hair band thing with the big hair, feather earrings, leather pants and electric orange tiger stripe bandanas around the knees (pretty stupid now that I look back, but hey, it was what was paying money at the time and beat the heck out of going disco DJ), they worked fine then, they work fine now (unless some banger decides to dive on it from the top of the PA, don't know what that's about). Sturdy, metal, works fine. Don’t forget though, EVERYTHING BREAKS SOONER OR LATER! The trick is to not break it through sheer stupidity…

General Comments

I have played almost every kind of music there is for a living from country, to rock to (REAL) blues to ragtime jazz to space tripping Hawkwind (the REAL Hawkwind from the early 70s, right now gigging classic rock and blues, the old retro cliché, but it pays the bills) and I have 2 pedals I HAVE TO HAVE chorus and heavy distortion. With my hands, volume and tone controls and the clean and OD channel on my amp, I do everything else, learn to do it, its a nice amount of freedom from the Boutique Thieves wholl steal your hard earned $ for a name. You dont have to have the best pedals to sound good, and its ALSO ok to buy a bunch of stuff, whatever works for you, just make sure its FOR YOU. Started play at 4-1/2 years old, I'm almost 47, spent 17 on the road, now I'm an old fat retired short haired hippy weekend warrior (someday you will be too), 5 8 gigs a month, do the math. Pedal works great, I use bass choruses most of the time (when one breaks down I fix it or move on and buy a replacement), makes a fatter sound, that's just "my sound" isn't that what everybody's looking for? I haven't been a wannabe for at least 30 years....Yeah; I'd buy it again in a heartbeat...Dano Cool Cat comes close, but no even tempered Leslie sound like the Ibanez. Get one if you can find it cheap, it's a good deal. Get one if it costs you a few bucks, it's worth the try out, never can tell.....hope this review actually helps somebodyI didnt come here to blow about all my pedals, guitars, and who my heroes are, just happened to really think this was a good find. Buy cheap and go long till you find something that work, guysand just be a musician, not a another guitar player. REMEMBER: BUY CHEAP AND GO LONG! Never can tell what might turn out to be YOUR Holy Grail, kids. One more thingDONT BE A PEDAL WHORE! If you got something for sale, be fair. Some day it will come back to you in a good way and youll get that pedal youve been dying for, for a song. And always remember what the butler said to Eddie Murphy in Trading Places: Just be yourself, no matter what happens, they cant take THAT away from you..

Email me if you got questions, glad to help, just dont be silly about it.

Peace & Blessings




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