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BBE Boosta Grande Clean Boost Effect Pedal

Sound Quality

I am of the opinion that no effects pedal is completely transparent. Even with the effect turned off, there is usually some alteration of tone. That said, this pedal is about 98% transparent. the other 2% adds a slight fatness to the tone, which I find quite pleasing. I use a Fender 65 Twin re-issue. I don't use distortion of any sort - the tone I seek is exclusively clean. My latest toy is an Ibanez AS73 modded with '59 Seymour Duncans. This pedal does EXACTLY what I expect it to do - it boosts my volume when I want to take a solo. With the pedal turned on, I cannot detect any additional noise.


It's new, so I can't say. BBE apparently has confidence in their product's reliability - it's got a 5 year warranty.

General Comments

I've been playing about 30 years, and I've always sought the elusive perfect clean tone. I can pretty much get the best clean tone out of any given guitar along with my Twin Reverb. I give this product a solid 9. I don't give 10s for a product because perfection cannot be achieved. However, in this case, a high level of excellence has most definitely been achieved. I've not tried other boost pedals. I don't need to. This one is only 80 bucks - most of the others are more expensive.

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