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Sound Quality

I'm using the ge-7 in the effects-loop of my Mesa/Boogie Studio 22+. My amp didn't come with the onboard graphic eq so i bought (this) one. It works absolutely great, no hiss whatsoever. When i bought the Mesa, the sound was okay, but not excellent like i expected it to be. Since i read all these ravings about this amp, i decided to try to put a graphic eq in the loop of it, cause there are two versions of the amp, one with and one without the graphic eq, and that did the trick. Altho i like mids in my sound, I mostly use the "v" shape cause this amp has got the highest level of mids of any amp that i've heard.. Cuts thru the mix like a knife thru butter. This thing is absolutely awesome, and small adjustments make a huge difference in sound. If you're having trouble adjusting your amp to your liking i encourage you to try and put a graphic eq in the loop, you won't regret it. It's a tool that i think every guitarist should have, no matter how good the amp itself sounds.


it's made of metal, i would depend on it, sure

General Comments

I play mostly hard-rock/metal, something like Tool, APC, Audioslave, Incubus and so on. The graphic eq really helps to fine-tune my sound to my liking, I will never ever again be without a graphic eq, no matter what amp i had. If it was lost/stolen, i'd buy it again in no time. I've been playing for approx 8-9 yrs and I have a Gibson Les Paul Studio and a Mesa/Boogie Studio 22+ combo, and this eq really helps the amp to shine through. I haven't tried using it in front of the amp, just in the fx-loop. Battery life seems pretty long

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