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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] An 8 on the "weak-to-ball crunching scale". Similar to DiMarzio's Super Distortion when in humbucking mode. Slightly lower output in "single coil" mode (in reality, I believe the two coils are always "on" but one is mixed higher. [Tone] In full humbucker mode, this has what I'd call the upper mid-range crunch with enough bass to make it full, but not mushy. In "single coil" mode, you lose the mid-crunch and get a "V" shaped EQ. Also comes across as a bit more compressed sounding. [Sonic evaluation] The results weren't dramatic, but certainly made a difference. I found the best "strat-like" effect came from mixing the "single-coil" mode with the neck pickup. Certainly as a hotter bridge humbucker, this thing did the trick. In full humbucker mode, this baby has the balls to keep up with anything. In the end, I would stick with the slightly cheaper SD Humbucker, unless you are seeking the versatility. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] I could see using this in neck or bridge position, but in my mind, it's best at the bridge. I would think in neck position, the "full humbucker mode" would be a bit overpowering.



General Comments


Satisfied - this did the trick. Of course, I later bought a Squire

Strat and clearly that brought me all of those great tones, but I

still like the versatility this pickup has provided on my Les Paul. I

constantly switch between the positions.


FINAL NOTE: I still bless my local guitar guru for not carving a hole

in my Les for the mini toggle switch. He instead wired the "coil

splitting function" into my lead tone pot. Between 9-10 I am in

humbucking mode. Below that, its a single coil. Absolutely brilliant!



Reviewer's Background

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