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Sound Quality

1)clean: it is self-explained. it is really clean. it may break up higher volumes but it depends on your guitar and the pickups you use. i dont have many things about this channel since i'm not using it that much. 2)crunch: it is not the exact marshall crunch you are after. but it is still very good. i boost this channel with my boss bd-2 and i am getting some mean rhytm sounds. 80's type. it has almost the exact tone with dokken. very good. 3)lead: this channel is the ****. i am boosting this channel with my bd-2 either and it has all the tone from metallica to cannibal corpse. just every possible metal tone. long sustain for solos great pick attack for rhytms. voicing knob is a cool feature. now i have to give some tips. first: the master eq is ****. it is very unnatural and not very sensitive. i use a boss ge-7 and cut some freqs and voila! it sounds godlike! and channel 3 doesnt have all the gain stuff by itself. you need to boost it a little. i play classic stuff mostly: iron maiden, judas priest, metallica, megadeth, death, cannibal corpse etc... all the oldschool heavy/thrash/death metal. also some hardrock or glam things if i am in the mood. i use it for live shows and i see guys use mostly boss or line6's digital modelling things. they sound good of course. but when they hear me their jaw drops on the floor. i compared this to mesa v-twin also. mesa doesnt even come close in anything they are compared with. tubeman does not model tube amps. it has the tone of a tube amp itself. first: the preamp section is all analog tube pre and p.a output is the best ******* cabinet modeller on the market: it is redboxpro! it is the cheapest way to get tube tone. i have a simple setup: ibanez or jackson strats > crybaby > boss bd2 > tubeman > boss ge7 > mxr 6band eq > boss dm3 analog delay


i bought it used and the power supply was ****** up. the guy give me another adaptor but this one doesnt match with my tubemans output(i dont mean wattage or voltage). it has a very weird power output it is **** too deep. so i take take the broken adaptor and take it is connecting jack and installed it to my new adaptor. it is working like a charm now. other than of course it is german. but the power supply...

General Comments

i am using this for 6 or 7 months and what i am gonna say is: it is good.


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