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Sound Quality

I'm playing this with my Hamer guitar into a Marshall 6100 LM and a Trace-Elliot cabinet. Sometimes, I plug the Fuzz Tone into a HAO Rust Driver for a different tone. I keep this as an effect, though. The effect itself is very, very quiet, even at high gain settings. Like all good fuzzes, this one reacts well to your guitar's volume. For the Stones' Satisfaction sound, turn down volume a bit and the tone almost all the way down. But that's not all. Playing power chords through the Fuzz Tone produces some amazing grind. Its a plus that it can be pretty loud if cranked fully. As said above, your guitar's volume, tone and the amplifier you put the fuzz into form a combination that may need some tweaking. The Fuzz Tone hasn't got infinite sustain, but that was to be expected. No ultra-gain-madness here (if you'd need lots of gain, would you look for a fuzz pedal?). It also has no "hidden" octave-up-mode.


It's almost 40 years old and still in good shape and great sounding.

General Comments

I play Black Metal mostly. This isn't going to replace my distortions, but I'm sure I will use it for backing tracks somewhere. And that sound will rip your head off.


If it were stolen - I own a lot of more-expensive-looking toys, I'm sure the thief would think it's old, worthless crap and steal something else ;)


I bought this on e*ay because I read good reviews. When I had it, it figured out the Satisfaction sound in 5 seconds. But then I played a powerchord and I loved it.


This is one of the oldest fuzzes that can still be bought for somewhat acceptable prices on e*ay. Make sure yours has three RCA 2N2614 transistors.

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