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Sound Quality

I've just played with my Hamer guitar into my Marshall 6100 LM amp, mostly using the clean channel. Depending on the manual pot, you can get a bit of noise if it's active, especially if manual is set very low. I think manual must be some kind of frequency shifter that shifts the effect up- and downwards. Don't think that it's true bypass, but it doesn't eat much of my guitar when active.


The casing is made of metal, I think (metal is always good). Pots are of good quality. It's got a huge, fat footswitch, not that thin pointy Marshall/MXR/... stuff. Jacks might not be that brilliant, but let's see what happens.

General Comments

I have this for one day and I already like it a lot. As I said before, it can be both very subtle and an extremely dramatic. It doesn't do the Jet-swoooosh-flanging however. Or at least not very well.


It sounds great if depth is set to low values, 2-4 maybe. Set a slow speed and turn the manual up to 5, feeback to 0 - perfect. Nice modulating chorus/flanger. It really hasn't got that swooosh thing.


And yeah, it does self-oscillation. You don't even have to turn the feedback pot up much, at 5 and low manual settings, you can catch some oscillation that really sounds great when distorted, pure warbling frequency madness - great.


I like the fact that the pots are really very linear, depth goes from near-nothing to full intensity nice and clean, speed goes from ultra-slow to maybe 10 Hz, manual goes up very high and feeback can get you screaming self-oscillation easily.

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