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Sound Quality

I play black metal. Sort of. On the other hand, the crunch channel alone has so much gain, I recorded an entire album with it. All channels sound great. Clean can sound cool on basses as well. Crunch channel can be very soft, but extremely brutal when set to mode 4. Lead channel is hell, even with the gain boost off. With the gain boost on, it's literally 666 % distortion. I don't use Contour atm. My guitar is a Hamer guitar. I usually play the neck pickup. Current settings for the lead channel are: Bass: 15:00 Mids: 9:30 Treble: 5:00 Gain is set to max and gain boost is on (I like it). Still not noisy or so. I once had the 30th anniversary model (the predecessor). The 30th anniversary had a smoother lead channel (presence sounded smoother). On the other hand, it's always nice if you can go fuzzy - if you want to.


I own this amp for around 8 years (it's 2004 atm). Never had a single problem. On the other hand, I only used it at home.

General Comments

The best sounding Marshall amp I've ever heard.


If you know the main volume/low power compensation problem and have a solution, send me an email, thanks.

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