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Sound Quality

The Black Beauty Balance is a Fuzz Face clone with a pot that blends between to capacitors at the input. In other words, you can blend between a thinner and a fatter sound. The inside contains two Raytheon transistors. Pretty big ones, too. It's a good sounding Face with more gain than the Arbiter Fuzz Face reissue I have. The high-pass knob is very helpful. The volume is slightly higher than unity, but not insane. It is being marketed as being capable of everything between Rangemaster and MkII but -- being a two-transistor circuit -- it's of course not quite there. It will oscillate if another pedal is placed before it and the BBB is fully cranked.


General Comments

It's a good Germanium Fuzz Face clone with some versatility. If you can get one for cheap, it's a good buy.

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