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Sound Quality

The Balance is a booster. Enabling it makes everything approximately twice as loud. Turn the knob and some distortion will be added. It's more of a dirty, fuzzy distortion, but a good one. It keeps your low end intact -- important if you play seven-strings. Impulse response feels good, though at higher settings some of the attack is lost. After hearing clips of the COT50 and the White Dragon, I think Lovepedal is rather going for hard clipping.


The circuit is gooped. I have no idea how gooped pedals behave in the long run, but I am only using this at home so I don't expect any problems for now.

General Comments

I play mostly Metal, lots of gain. I bought a Zoom Tri-Metal a while ago. The Balance into the Tri-Metal sounds great. With the Tri-Metal alone, there's this transistory-ness to the sound. With the Balance in front of it, the gain gets more aggressive and sounds rounder.


I play an Ibanez 2027VV and a 69 Marshall 100 W Super Lead. A small Silvertone sometimes.


Overall, I think this is a very good pedal. Can be pretty clean, can be dirty. Doesn't add too much character to your signal.

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