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Sound Quality

Picks up noise quite easily. Other than that, sounds very good, like a mix between a Maestro Fuzz Tone and a Fuzz Face. More gain, a bit more sustain. And weird octave effects on certain settings.


It's made of plastic (and looks like a 60's soap box). Still works, though...

General Comments

This one's a mix between a fuzz and a low-pass filter. The pedal controls the frequency of the filter. It goes from very dark to very bright.


The fuzz itself is pretty ok, not insane sustain, but certainly more than a Maestro Fuzz Tone. Does NOT react to the tone knob. Can get (slight) subharmonics. On some settings, you can catch some surprising octave-up and slight ring-mod effects. I found them to be most prominent when turning the tone knob halfway down and using both pickups. YMMV

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