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Sound Quality

I'm using this with a Marshall 6100LM and a Marshall 1960B cab. This thing is ridiciously buzzy and has no real dynamics at all. It turns your guitar sound in a buzz saw, that's it. Chords don't sound like chords. The fuzz itself has a certain gate to it or dies out. Picks up a bit of radio. And the output is fairly low. So... It sounds terrible. And that's good (for a fuzz)!


It's a metal box like the Maestro Fuzz Tone (the Maestro is probably a billion times more usable though), think slice of cake. Made of metal. Mine is probably about 35 years old, still works fine.

General Comments

This is one nasty, atonal, one-note-at-a-time-please fuzz. Truly disgusting.


But that's good! You just can't have all Fuzz Faces and original Tone-Benders (and all that contemporary fuzz), you also need some dirty fuzz boxes! And this one delivers.


If you love fuzz (like me), you'll probably like this. Oh and it sounds like the solo in "Pushin' Too Hard" from the Seeds.

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