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Sound Quality

I'm reviewing the Black Magic distortion here. Not to be confused with the vibe or the Black Beauty Balance/Ezekiel/Fuzz Face (which was also built into Black Magic cases). I had two of them (one silver, the other one black) and I would rate them as probably the worst distortion pedal known to mankind. They do not have any treble. I called them "mud factory." And both of them were not anything I'd call high gain either. The black one had a little bit more gain than the silver one as well as slightly more treble, but it was still unusable. The bass is good and tight though. Unfortunately, I need more than just bass. They sound nothing like the sound clips on the Lovepedal web site. Lovepedal sound clips rarely feature the clean sound or describe the exact setup used to record the clips -- probably for a reason.


Solidly built, I have to admit that.

General Comments

The Black Magic is a JRC386-based distortion. The two I had sounded absolutely disastrous. The only thing they did well was tight bass.


I tried them with a small Silvertone combo, my '69 Marshall Super Leads and a friend's Fender and they sounded bad through all of them.



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