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Sound Quality

I find it widely versitile and useful in anything from country to punk. I mainly run it through Super reberb with a 2-12 cabinet. It has a sweet natural distortion sound with the hot "dirty fingers" pickups through a cranked Super Reverb.


I would definitely take it out live. It's a nice tough guitar that looks like a hair metal thing and to see it being used for country or jazz live would be interesting. the whole thing seems to be built to last. The tuning is very stable. I'd use it without a backup.

General Comments

I've been playing for 3 years. I've played lots of guitars and this is still one of the most versitile I've seen. If it were lost of stolen I don't know where I'd buy another one. It has killer body styling, the most unique looking of any Explorer I've ever seen. If anything, It would be great if it had another tone & volume control for even more variations in sound.

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