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Sound Quality

The Eternity is a slightly modded version of a Jack Orman circuit. Having four clipping diodes, there is a lot of headroom and output available. The problem of the Eternity is it's 500 K output volume pot. If you turn it down to unity gain, there will be a large resistance in the signal path that makes it sound dark and muddy. Contrary to the Black Magic however -- where a large resistance is always in the signal path -- the resistance decreases as the volume is increased. In other words, if you use this for light distortion, it won't sound very well. If your amp has lots of headroom and you can crank the pedal to use it as a boost, it might sound really good. At high volumes, the tone knob suddenly makes sense. At unity gain it just goes from "no treble" to "not much treble."


Solidly built.

General Comments

The Eternity is a good pedal, but it's design makes it hard to use in all situations. And it's clearly not worth the price. I've made a comparison with a 20 EUR Arion Tubulator and found that I could get pretty much the same sound out of the Tubulator.


If you can blast your amp's front end it might sound really good. If you can't, it will sound dark and muddy.


For reference, I'm playing an Ibanez 2027VV with Seymour Duncans. I have two '69 Marshalls, a Super Lead and a Super PA, as well as a small Silvertone combo. And lots of fuzzes.

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