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Hermida Audio Technology Mosferatu

Sound Quality

This is a distortion, less of an overdrive. Low to higher -- but not insane -- gains. The tonality is more oriented towards the higher end of the spectrum, but stays neutral enough. The Mosferatu seems to let some of the original sound through. It really sounds great either alone or into a dirty amp. The pick attack is kept intact and chords ring out in a beautiful way. The only drawback is the noticeable bass loss that I experience with my 7-string and the slight tendency to pick up or increase hum from the powerlines. I'm using this with a 1969 Marshall Super Lead 100 W and a Ibanez 2027VV 7-string. The cab is a 1960B.


It looks very solidly built, however parts of the circuit are gooped and I'm not sure how these could be repaired.

General Comments

I play Metal, Death Metal, dirty stuff generally.


I've been playing for 10 years now. I have some other dirty stuff, mostly old fuzzes.


If Mr. Hermida would increase the bass response and look after the hum issue, it would truly be awesom. This way, it's "just" great.

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