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Sound Quality

The RSS-10 has got 16 Bit converters. With 15 "real" bits. But I'd rather have a 16 bit converter than a "24 bit"/16 real bits converter. It's not noisy, but clipping sounds bad instantly on this unit, so set your levels accordingly. The meter graph of the input is good, but the output meter has only three segments. Turning down the effect volume through RSS-Stage or RSS-FX helps. Ins and outs are all both jack and XLR.


So far, no problems. It's rack gear and won't be kicked around anyway.

General Comments

Ah, now this is the interesting part.


If you didn't notice so far, this is a 3D audio processor that lets you place sounds outside the stereo field (behind you, above you etc.). These were all the hype in the mid-90s (the RSS-10 is from around 1995 and cost more than 5200 DM back then).


And this unit pwnzes all other "real" 3D processors. And all the stereo widening crap, too (with the exception of QSound which is great). The Crystal River Proton thing sounded good on the Keys (German industry propaganda magazine) 10/95 CD, but the RSS-10 was still better. Today, you can buy Prosoniqs Ambisone for not much. While Ambisone is pretty good in a 180° angle, RSS-10 easily goes much further and also includes reverberation and early reflections.


Okay, so the RSS-10 has three input modes


-Flying (to move one source in real time)

-Stationary (to position two sources statically)

-Transaural (bypass for binaural mode)


And it has three output modes


-Speaker (optimized for speakers with selectable speaker angle from 12 to 84°)

-Headphones (still stereo compatible, a bit optimized for headphone playback)

-Binaural (to convert binaural recordings to stereo)


Yes, you can convert your binaural recordings to stereo.


And best of all, it sounds amazing. Even in the stereo mode, 3D sounds can be placed much further away than with all other processors. Place something behind you? Sounds good! 5 meters on your left? Instant fun! On the ceiling, above you? No, above and below don't work so well. The rest is very credible and much, much better than anything else I've heard.


But put on your headphones and the fun goes on. Placing something on the floor level and move it around in front of you - brilliant!


The room size goes up to 100 m^3, so you can make it sound like if you were glued to the ceiling of a hangar.


I seriously love this thing.


Stereo is for beginners. This is the advanced stuff. But if you or your band sucks, it's not for you. It's also not for you if you produce square-wave-CDs. If you produce square-wave-CDs, you should be using Zoom and Behringer.


If you rip off this description for your eBay auction, please let the people know where you've stolen it from (or sell your RSS-10 directly to me).

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