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Sound Quality

I mainly play prog and mainstream AOR rock, and the Revelation suits both styles very well. As I plan to change the PU's I'll give it even more versatility, as high gain sounds are problematic with the Fender SC's though the guitar even then is not noisy at all. It simply gets muddy like with every ordinary strat on high gain. The set up right now is: guitar > Marshall JMP-1 > Digitech TSR12 > Hughes&Kettner CF100 > Carvin 1x12 Speaker. Sometimes (for quick jams with light equipment) I still use a Boss ME-5 into the CF100. In both set ups the Revelation shines, offering a very much balanced sound, no dead spots, no noise, nothing but pure Strat - clean and crunch like Mark Knopfler or Eric Clapton used to have. Even lead sounds with gain inreased still offer a creamy and full sound. As I said, with the current PU's I'll leave the high gain sounds for my other axe. In the early 90's I already checked this guitar out with the original PU's and wasn't satisfied, which of course doesn't mean that someone else might like the special sound with a spot on highs (which they had). But even in those days, there was no noise from this guitar. But I'll leave the sound evaluation to personal preference.


Y-E-S!!! This is definitely a live axe - and it will last. I'am very peculiar about all of my stuff, but if I wanted to go nuts, I could with this one. I never gig without backup, but with this one I could. And it even looks cool - still after 10 years this is definitely a very modern design based on the strat but with a stronger, more figured shape.....errh, hard to describe, get a picture from Google ;o)


General Comments

I play for more than 20 years now, and owned quite some guitars during that time. The Revelation is definitely one of the best I've ever owned - it plays oh so well and feels so nice. If you want a really professional guitar get yourself a Revelation through EBAY (you'll find out that you don't have to spend a fortune on this one used) and have it customized with a good set of PU's - and you'll be happy. Especially for live purposes this is a good deal as it is light and clings to the body very well, very easy to handle!

If it was stolen I'd be to EBAY the next minute and hunt down another one and have it customized (ok, everything I own is somehow customized, maybe you'll be happy with the original setup already). Great guitar!

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