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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

ive tried alot of different amps/preamps. i always come back to the JMP-1. it sounds amazing. i cant understand these guys that say different. if you need more gain and tone than this thing offers somethings wrong with your ears.it smokes my ADA. the ADA sounds like a transitorized piece of shit,when A/B against the Marshall.ive even put it against full stacks, my buddys JTM,combos etc the list goes on. it sounds like a modded plexi or an old mid 70's JMP. an JCM 800 etc... it doesnt have the clean tones of a fender combo . but they are still very good and useable.that would be its only short coming.


12 years and it still works perfect....

General Comments

this is the best preamp on the market especially for the money. i would like to try the x-99 soldano. but i need a house to live in. the ADA's,peaveys rocktron stuf,doesnt come close to the JMP-1.....

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