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Sound Quality

Better than a stock TS-9, TS-10 or TS-9 reissue. Those have a grit to them and Boost treble WAY up when on. The 808 mod TS-5 has about 25% less gain (distortion) but has a beter tone. What do I mean by better? Clear and less harsh treble notes, Stronger bass without being muddy sounding, A tone control that has more useable range. Chords are more pronounced. It does not mimmick a distortion pedal (aka, metallic zone monster, demon seed vaporizer distortion, etc...), doesnt sound fuzzy, just kicks a tube amp into sweet crunchy overdrive.


The TS-5, although plastic, is tough. Mod replaces 1 Chip & 2 resistors. Chip swap is a bit delicate handywork.

General Comments

Great tone for less bones! For About $35 used, + $15 mod kit (with an intermediate level of electronics savvy) you can get a pedal rivaling a $250 boutique offering or sound nearly identical to a ridiculous original 808.

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