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Sound Quality

im using a 86 kramer pacer and a 80's charvel model 1 with warmouth scalloped neck,86 marshall 4212 combo ,several pedals,a vs1680 recorder and rocktron chameleon 2000 cover any type of sound i need..once you figure out how to program the gate and gain setting the unit is very quiet.i can get sounds like most 70-80s bands on this havent really tried the tuning down thing but if i need that ill just mic my marshall.i love the hot watz preset,tweak it a little and you have a vh-greg howe type of sound add some effects and it really rocks.i bought for 125 on ebay,if you are recording and want something different than these new modeling proccesssors check this out.


i dont gig anymore mostly record at home,these seem to be pretty reliable seeing that they came out in the early 90'2 and are many still around,several other art products dont even come close to that .always have some sort of backup comes from personal expierience whether you use anything eventually it will break down

General Comments

i play pretty much everything but country,from early 70's rock to current.this is great for 70's and 80's it has the effects and tones you need,with a tube tone.ive been playin for 30 yrs have opened for national acts,played the club circuit and recorded albums.have owned just about everything available at one time or another.i would get another if it was stolen.i love a few tones that i can get out of it,i dont really hate anything about it,because every amp or preamp i have ever owned lacks something,cannot do everything.i owne done of these before,when it came out there were not alot of choices,i had a rocktron progap in the early 90's,great tone but had to rack a effects unit with it.if you need a inexpensive pre amp effects unit for recording check ebay out,these sell for around 125 bucks now and are different from the new modeling crap out there

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