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Sound Quality

4. If you want a kind of tecno sound you MAY like this unit. BUT. . . It hisses too much. The Analog distortion doesn't help, it is just too rude for me. Compression is not great either. I hate the EQ. Phase shift is OK. Chorus is dry sounding and dialing in anything really deep is impossible. Delay multi-tap drives me nuts, just too much of a pain. Also has a tendency to overlaod the processor when you use a heavy mix of effects. When you switch out it weirds out the subtle type effects you may be going to. The bypass is seriously compromised, adding coloration and a metallic quality to the signal, NOT GOOD. The tuner works pretty well.


7 It worked OK for the couple years I had it but I don't like Digitech stuff that well anyway.

General Comments

I got rid of it. If you are going to buy a multiprocessor, shop around. I am going with individual pedals & a rack mount delay unit. The problem with any multiprocessor is you are stuck with that manufactuers sound, and you can't escape it, and this unit has it's own digital, techno type characteristic. It was OK but I would recommmend a Boss multiprocessor, if any at all. THis unit also has no pedal so you have buy that seperately to get a continous controller capability.

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