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Sound Quality

The distortion on some settings can get a bit noisy but some of that can be avoided by turning down the input a little and turning up on the output and amp. I use Marshall and Roland amps and it sounds great. This thing has got a range of sounds as far as your imagination will go. The distortion can be a bit rough but one trick is to turn the effect's distortion down to "0," "1" or "2" and run another distortion box from your guitar to the effect. I use Danelectro (fab box) or HM-II. Sounds great.


I bought this thing used about 5 years ago and it's never given me any problems. The original battery hasn't even died yet and I use it constantly. It comes with a footswitch that was broken when I bought it used and I've yet to replace it so you might want to watch out for that.


General Comments

While I generally lean toward moderate to heavy rock, this effect can fit just about any style if you can figure out the setting. Great buy for $100 but if I were to pay more than that I would probably look for a more user friendly effect. This is great for recording once you can eliminate the noise and you can use it for voice, keyboards or whatever.

Reviewer's Background

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