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Sound Quality

I found the volume and distortion getting very weak on this within the last 6 months. What I found with an ESR capacitor checker was that all 10 of the electrolytic capacitors(all of them 10uf@12V) had dried out. These pedals are getting close to 30 years of age on them and is to be expected. I replaced all of them with new capacitors(10uf@35V). These are the exact same size as the older ones and can handle over twice the voltage of the originals which hopefully they never will have to. Not only did this bring the volume back up but the effect has a much wider range of sound. Anything from a smooth distortion to a Hendrix-like fuzz to indiscernable harmonic static. These capacitors are only 21 cents each through Mouser Electronics. if you notice the distortion getting weak or decreased volume, check to see if your electrolytic capacitors are dried out.


General Comments

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