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Sound Quality

When you play alone, the sound is good. But your guitar can disappear in mix. Once I even played with other 2 guitars simultaneously (Zoom 505 and Digitech RP50). My solos sometimes were lost. Clean sound is great. I like to play in headphones. Sometimes with chous. And always with a little reverb. But the sound may be different depending on your mood. I don't really know - either the digital presets sound not always the same, or it's just my ears. But I have to change anything almost always. Thanks God, it's very easy. Distortions are not bad but my tube preamp sounds better of course. And I prefer use MetalZone when I can not take the rack tube preamp. Unfortunately the noise is very high and the N.R. should be used in amount about 80 and higher - it's not good for the sound tails and the sustain. But if you do not use any other noise gate (I bought Boss NS-2 Noise Supressor), you should use the N.R. function very strong.


as a tank

General Comments

I don't really want to sell it. I use it's metronome, combo emulation, reverb and volume pedal, sometimes some chorus.

It's a great all-in-one device for it's price.

But use the analog pedals or preamps together or instead. But when it's impossible - take the AX1000G.

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