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Randall Rulez!

DigiTech DBM Bad Monkey Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

Use this OD if you wanna do the Classic Rock/That 70's Tone thang. Using my Les Paul Custom w/Seth Lovers into my JTM45RI (which I modded to 60's specs) into a 1X12 w/Weber Alnico Blue Dog, it adds a sweet midrange and shiny presence to the tone with nice soft clipping. Smooth and buttery with no harshness - retains the 'feel' and dynamics of your amp. Turn the gain up near the top and you've got enough boost to do early 80's hard rock. Yes, it's true: the Bad Monkey really does deliver the goods. The only drawback is it could clean up a little more when turning down the volume on your guitar (it's good, but not great at this).


It's a brick; even the knobs are solid.

General Comments

I play all sorts of stuff, but my main squeeze is Classic Rock; been playing for 23 years.


This is a fantastic value (tone compared to cost); hence the "10" Overall Rating.


From *my* experience, works awesome with a vintage-style tube amp and vintage-output humbuckers (haven't tried the Strat yet).


I was looking for a Classic Rock boost which would work great with humbuckers (I use a Fulldrive 2 for my Strat), and this Bad Monkey takes the banana and eats it.

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