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Sound Quality

Once I got it going the sounds are great (they seem better than my POD 2) so I am going to A/B them shortly. I love some of the settings from the Web site - there is a very wide variety of tones. The backing tracks are pretty good (I love Steve Vai's Answers). The Hendrix backing track I downloaded contain Jimi's vocals (Bold as Love) and I would have loved to have had the option to take this off and sing along. The effects are great though I would love a fuzz pedal simulation. I have recorded with it (Summer of 69 and How You remind me) on my Yamaha 2816 and the sound was great. I do find that running any other programmes before it on the PC can cause it to suddenly go dead for a second or two which was a pain in the ass during my recording trials. I have listened to the results, mixed down to Mini Disc, through my Mackie PA and they were excellent.


I would not take it to a gig - because I would be scared of getting My PC damaged, rather than worrying about damaging the Guitar Port. It looks and feels well built

General Comments

I play a wide variety of music and It is very versatile. I have mainly played my G&L legacy, though I have a PRS, Ibanez guitars as well (not used yet because I have been busy). I just love how small it is and the great array of sounds. Although it has not got the same amount as the POD 2 it doesn't seem to have inhibited it.

There currently appears to be no way of getting any discounts on its recommeded selling price. I hope that there is an upgrade to include further effects in the future.

(Pity it doesn't have the Wah function of the POD 2 - but with more tonal variation)

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