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Sound Quality

I play generally Rock and Pop - Hendrix, Oasis, Van Halen - some Satriani and Vai and even some Metallica and it does them all!! It is used with a Marshall 6101 Anniversary amp with a Digitech GSP 2101 for Delay and reverb and it can sound so sweet and Dirty. (You should be over 18 to play on some of the Lead sound settings).


I play it live approx 1 a week and I never even get my Ibanez JEM 555 out of its case now. (I am too cautious to not take the 555 with me) Only issue would be where the strap button has lost some of its shine - due to the strap system that I installed.

General Comments

I have played the guitar for 20 years and I have had and tried all sorts of guitars - Searching for the elusive "Tone" and feel - my Ibanez JEM 555 and S540 are now hardly used. Since buying this guitar I have not tried another - EVER, in 2 years. I know that they are expensive and yet you get what you pay for.

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