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Sound Quality

I had #34, and am still looking for it! This one is #188, from the last few made. The Fulldrive I pedals are an amazing sounding, big warm and sweet overdrive. The later ones do not sound like these, which is good and bad. The Fulldrive II is a lot more versatile, and has more options, and can be more agressive sounding. The Fulldrive I has a more "Klon-like" sort of Ts-808 overdrive. I used my original #34 Fulldrive all during the late 90s, then stupidly sold it -- if you have it, or know where it is, I want to buy it BACK! roccojewelry at gmail dot com!


Yes, these are built super well, built when Mike was making them all himself on Beethoven Street


General Comments

This is my favorite overdrive ever. And I think it is the best TS-808 remake ever made. I bought it when it first came out, and it was the best purchase I had ever made tone-wise. if you can find one, give it a listen. And if you find #34, please let me know, I want that one BACK!!!

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