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Marshall JMP-1 Tube MIDI Guitar Preamp

Sound Quality

When I was first getting into amps and stuff is when this came out. At first it seemed like the holy grail of tone, but when I gained some experience I realized that this is what another reviewer said, "A smoke show blow-job." I like real tube gear. Not 150 volt crap or not solid state assisted BJ stuff. I like a pre-amp that gets its sounds from the tubes not from overdriving some transistor for reference. What's that all about anyways Marshall. For its prce, I'd give it a 3. If it was $200 than a 4.


Never broke down on me, but then again it's not really tube. Independant clean and gain channels. Meaning: 1 tube for clean, 1 tube for gain and a whole lot of solid state. I'm sure that tube aren't realy even needed. Just marketing hype. I paid new price for it and sold it for a little over half of what I paid for it. Good riddance to bad rubbish. I'm gald I dumped it when I did cause ina few years time when people smarten up and Marshall discontinues it, then you'll see it for $100 at pawnshops all over.

General Comments

Would I buy it again? No!

Is it a good beginners pre-amp? Yes.

Does Kiss really use it? Yes, because they are sellouts. Look at the Randall crap they use now. Solid state crap.

I liked how it looks. I hated the internal chip factory inside.


What do I use now? Peavey Rockmaster. Why? Almost 100% tube(hard to explain), sounds good. Can be purchased cheap, etc.


I used to be a hardass about kepping all my rack gear marshall but I grew out of that. It's about getting the right sound for you. A unique sound. The way to do this is by using rack gear that you like. Combine it to make your own sound. Very difficult to get a great sound by just sticking with one company. I used to have a JFX-1 by Marshall. Good but limited digital effects processor. Dumped mine, lost some money on it but gained some sanity back. In a few years, that will be littering dirty and scummy pawnshops because once the battery goes, the unit is toast. The battery for it is no longer made so pawnshop city.


If you want good gear for cheap(not for the price of the tubes(KIRKHAMMETISGOD, OXYGEN, and some of the other crybabies) go with Peavey tube rack gear like TG RAXX, Rockmaster, TB Raxx, etc.



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