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Sound Quality

I've played a variety of guitars through a variety of cabinets, and with a couple different preamp tubes, and most combinations were great. Single coils ring with harmonics. Humbuckers will make it break up sooner. It's not at all percussive or harsh. A 12AT7 instead of the 12AX7 dials down the overdrive, but IMO it also takes too much of the character of sound. I installed a Groove Tubes 12AX7 instead of the stock Chinese 12AX7, and that made it even better. It sounds like straight-up classic rock tube tone. I didn't want to believe the hype, but I saw it on Ebay for $75 and I couldn't resist. My expectations were high, and I am not disappointed. It's responsive in a way that makes you aware of nuances in your playing. It likes pedals, but doesn't need any to make great sound.


Time will tell.... It's so simple; what could possibly go wrong?

General Comments

I've played for 20+ years, through every imaginable combination of gear... I love the sound of this amp. I would replace it if it were stolen. I'd like to see a 20W version for club gigs.

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