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Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

Excellent sounding unit.. The Cab sims could be better for DI recording but of all the units I own (V Amp Pro,PODxt Pro,Johnson J Station, Peavey Rockmaster,Digitech GSP2120 Artist, Guitar Rig2 w/Rig Kontrol and Amplitube2) I would rate the Voodu Valve as one of the best sounding if not THE best..


Bought mine used. No issues...

General Comments

Very little if anything rates a 10


I play mostly Heavy Metal & Metal.. GREAT unit for those applications.

If stolen I'd immediately begin the search for a replacement..It's only one of two preamps I own I can say that about.. I owned a Prophesy II but sold it in lieu of the Voodu Valve.. This unit has been around a while now but is STILL an excellent choice..

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