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Sound Quality

[Perceived output level] Just slightly under that of the humbucker, almost twice that of the original [Tone] clean, balanced, better definition of individual strings than the humbucker, but lacks that very trebly "Tele twang" [Sonic evaluation] There is always going to be a tradeoff between treble response and output. I wanted a pickup that came closer to the neck humbucker in output and this works well, but at the expense of that Tele twang. I like the tone as much as the PAF, though, maybe more, although it would be nice to have more difference in frequency response between the two. [For which styles and positions is this pickup (un)suitable] designed as a replacement for Tele bridge pickup.



General Comments


I'll keep it in for a while anyway. It has a

very nice sound, but maybe not trebly enough.


Reviewer's Background

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