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Sound Quality

Very good sound quality. Got it to add some EQ to a Fender Pro amp.


Never any problems with Boss pedals.

General Comments

I got this pedal to add some EQ to my Fender Pro amp which only has a volume and tone knob. I was surprised. I recently put a Fishmam active resonator pickup in my National Style O. It works fine but has a lot of treblle in this little amp. Not only did it solve the lack of miid and bass problem it increased the output gain ten fold. I plugged in a Les Paull Jr into the same amp with it. Wow. (The amp has been modified a bit with a Celestion Vintage 10 speaker and some different tubes) Its now a ten inch monster. Before the EQ I could play the amp up to 7 and 8. Now 2 on the volume does it. I play mostly acoustic guitars. I shoulld have bought this a long time ago.

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