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Sound Quality

Really nice earthy/woody sound. Cranked, this guitar moves into full-on Neil Young amp meltdown territory. Pick-ups sound slightly microphonic: garage rock heaven!


No probs so far - overall build does not suggest any problems.


General Comments

I really love this guitar. It's got a look that you'll either love or hate (I love it!) and it's great to play and has an awesome sound. Neck is slightly chunky (suits me fine) and the bigsby/bridge arrangement is just right. Guitar shape suggests it's not ideal for playing sitting down, but weirdly it's actually very well balanced sitting or standing. The individual tone/volume controls do slightly get in the way when sat though - but not unduly so. OK, there are less expensive guitars, but for the features/finish this guitar is actually quite a bargain. I'd unreservedly reccommend this to players looking for organic/retro sounds.

Reviewer's Background

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