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DOD FX747 Super Sonic Stereo Flanger

Sound Quality

I run this flanger on all my guitars, 3 custom electrics and 1-6 string acoustic and 1-12 string acoustic. I think it sounds great on all my guitars. Gives great depth to your acoustics, but really performs on those double-humbuckers through distortion!


I don't have an AC adapter so this thing really chews batteries. but it does have a fairly robust construction. (good die-cast enclosure, but that plastic stomp panel has got to go!)

General Comments

Haggled for the price 'cause the shop was going out of business. It didn't come in any packaging, so I assumed it was used...it was a great deal in really good condition. I really like the "wave" it adds to plain old distortion, but for something really interesting, the 12 string has got it.

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