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Sound Quality

Great quality. Sounds brilliant through distortion, clean, reverb, delay and chorus and alongside any other effects you want to slip in. The occassional wobble in the sound quality if you just don't have it set quite right but surely down to the ineptitude of the musician and the human error in setup.


Solid as a rock, it is a BOSS!

General Comments

Along the Jim Dunlop Cry-Baby Wah this is the best pedal ever made. John Squire certainly agrees, check the huitar on any classic Roses tune circa-1989. Myself I cannot gig without it after initially buying it only out of curiosity following listening to the Stone Roses. Listen out for it!! - www.CensoredOnline.com


It is a highly useful great sounding pedal and an another element to any guitarist style. Although don't be tempted to overuse, you will just sound {censored}. If put to good use i'm sure everyone would agree this is a truly exceptional pedal!!

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