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Sound Quality

the setup i have is Washburn EC-36 through (sometimes)Jim Dunlop CryBaby WahWah through Korg AX1000G through Fender amp. Its practically silent though some of the effects dont sound perfect (but still pretty damn good). With a couple of seconds tweeking those nobs, you can get almost a perfect sound


it's made of metal, it's Korg, and it's practically indestructable. i heavily depend on it (fender amps have a terrible distortion sound). When i gig i never use a backup, never have done and probably will never need to.

General Comments

i play a mix between all sorts.


blues(BB King)-

roots reggae (toots and the maytals)(BobMarley and the Wailers)-

ska(Goldfinger)(Ruda Salska)-

hard rock (Guns n Roses).


this pedals covers everything metioned above. you can get an almost perfect sound with all of them. If it was stolen, i would definitly replace it. What i hate about it is the pedal. i cant get a good feeling for it, even though i have had it for about 6 months. i find it just doesnt have the right feel.


I tried two other models- the Boss ME-30 (too old) and the Digitech RP2000 (too expensive). this outclasses both of them, either by quality (the Boss) or the value-for-money (the Digitech).

This pedal motivated me to get off my ass and get a band together, which is a good thing!!

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