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Sound Quality

If you know what to do, this keyboard is very expressive. Like I said, this board is built to be a true workstation, from sampling to sequencing to effects. It's not just use the presets and go like most boards. This thing is meant to be used to build your own sounds, your own style. If you want a board that you can just plug in and use, get a Triton. If you want something that will let you morph your music into what you want it to be, pick up this board.


I really don't know, I don't actually own one. The Fantom my band uses is still around, takes abuse. These things are built like tanks so I'm assuming they'll be around for a while.

General Comments

I don't own one right now but I'm working on it. When I end up getting it, it's going to be my number one board. I have an old beat up D-70 that I love to death, but I know it's on it's last legs. So what am I going to do? I'm going to sample my favorite stuff on the D-70 with the Fantom and have a ball editing those little suckers and coming up with even cooler patches.

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