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Sound Quality

Well, when I first started using it, people couldn't believe how cool everyting sounded that I recorded. I thought so too, until I bought a Studio Quad, now I really dislike that poor 9001. It's good, but not near professional. I think that any high school guitarist/producer would love this box. The ROBOT effect wins it an automatic 10 (metaphorically speaking). I mystified people with the harmonizer.


One of the WORST power inputs I've ever dealt with. An EXTREME pain. Quit on me once on a gig. Something must be done about that jack. Very good mic trim.

General Comments

FOR SALE! If you're a normal person, and you've never touched an effects processor, you will WANT TO RECORD so badly after using this. Who thought up this goofy box shape? A really nice thing to have if you record anything. Unfortunately, FLATTENED by the big rack-mount guys.

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