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Sound Quality

Oh, outstanding. There are no half-assed effects in here, like you often get from other companies (Zoom, for instance). I can make anything I own sound like whatever I want. The delay could be little longer, but then again, I only use it to have fun. I really wish this had delayed pitch. The digital compression actually WORKS. (I haven't tried it on vocals, though.)


Switching patches with those tiny buttons isn't easy live. It's always ready for me, and I've had NO technical or cosmetic flaws with it yet!

General Comments

Everyone hypes the Alesis Midiverd IV over this. I tried them head-to-head and there was no comparison. This is a brilliant all-encompassing studio effects processor, though I'm sure it's neanderthal to the BIG GUYS. Still, after I use one after another, I always want to back to this.

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