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Sound Quality

There are a ton of EQ pedals out, and Boss made one of the best ones out, the GE-7. An EQ pedal really is the key to creating your own tone or getting the sound of one of your favorite guitarists tone. I mainly use Les Pauls, and occasionally whip out my Gibson V, Custom Randy Roads V, a souped-up Strat or Telecaster, or my Ibanez JS1200 (with a custom chrome job) or my Ibanez Jem (the old 80's kind with the funky colors). I only use those guitars for special occasions, practicing, or recording. The JS1200 and the Jem are for the insane whammy sounds. I use my Les Pauls for all my shows while out on the road. I have a bunch of amps, I have all my distortions (from my heads) almost sounding exactly the same, and I use my GE-7 to clean up and provide more EQ options for my lead channels. I don't really use the GE-7 for my clean sound, but you can really get your clean channel to really shine when you use the EQ pedal. I don't get any hissing or unwanted noise out of my EQ, that's because I don't use it as a huge boost in volume for anything, and I bought a Boss NS-2 not too long ago, that pedal can do wonders! I've actually had the chance a few months ago to talk with many well known musicians, literally face-to-face with them. Most pro's use a noise suppressor, but usually it's a rack. I actually had the opportunity to talk with Malmsteen before, he uses two NS-2's, his old noise gate, it was some sort of noise gate that was in his rack, it broke, and his tech ran out and bought an NS-2 for him without telling him. He said it was incredible, Malmsteen was so amazed with how great the NS-2 worked. So, I thought, my rig is kind of noisy, ran out that same day and bought a NS-2. Boss's two best compact pedals, the GE-7 and the NS-2, trust me on that one.


Very reliable, I keep all my guitars, amps, and pedal looking like new and sounding like new. I've been using my GE-7 for years, ths pedal is amazing, can really enhance your lead channel or clean channel. I've owned a lot of Boss pedals, I've never had one die on me or break.

General Comments

If your distortion pedal or your amp's distortion is not enough for you, or just too weak, or whatever the problem is, get the BOSS GE-7! This thing can take some crappy sounding amp and make it sound like it's worth something. If you don't believe me, go out and test this pedal out! An EQ pedal is almost a must for a real musician.

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