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chris ford-omImt

Rocktron VooDu Valve On-Line Guitar Multi Effects Processor

Sound Quality

My unit is quiet...real quiet. Hell, the pa amp I'm running it thru (Peavey 8400)makes more noise. My main guitar is a Jackson Performer which sound real sweet thru the unit. My back-up is an Ibanez RG450 with a Mimarzio PAF Pro at the neck and the hottest Seymour Duncan available at the bridge - man, can it sing!!! I especially love the variation of Van Halen sounds available. The Sholtz setting...well, lets just say I've just sold ALL of my Rockman gear after getting the Voodu valve. Loads of artists sounds, even the "plus third" thingy, (sounds like your playing in harmony...amazing!!!!) Currently running it thru a Peavey pa amp but will be purchasing either a Mesa 20/20 or a Marshall EL34 and thru a split Marshall 1960 cab, then miked.


So far It's been very dependable. I do plan to gig with it without a back up...i trust this unit.

General Comments

I play in a 70's/80's rock covers band. Been playing guitar 2 years, but played pro & semi pro bass for the previous 35, the transition was easy. When I need glam, it's there. Need some classic Bad Company or Doobie Bros, it's there too. Need some metal sounds...got it also. I love doing Bryan Adams on the Voodu setting 160....awesome! Gives the old Canadian rockers tunes a breath of life! Up to this point I don't feel the need to tweak my own, but ultimately will. Hummed and hawed a lot over whether to buy the Ada-MP1 or the Voodu Valve. The Voodu won in the end...just seemed to make more sense, esp. as the company is still around. If I lost (as if I'm gonna do that), broke it or had it stolen, i'd get another in a heartbeat...no, scratch that...i'd probably get 2. These units are dynamite. I plan to patch an TC G Major unit thru it, but probably don't really need to. (Just wanna fill up my rack case space...yes, call me Mr Vanity)!

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