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Egnater Egnater Renegade 65W Tube Guitar Amp Head

Sound Quality

Well, here is the subjective part. Most users would say that this is a classic rock/ hard rock head. In general, I would agree. BUT, I am a Metal head as well and this amp sounds phenominal to me. A little backgorund on myself: I am the type of metal player that uses less gain and more pick attack to achieve that killer metal tone. So, if you happen to be that rare breed like myself, pay close attention to this amp head. I have for the most part played Marshall heads/preamps for the last several decades. I never put anything (overdrive/boost pedals) in front of my amps. I usually put a BBE sonic maximizer in the loop and predominanlty use Ibanez Prestige guitars and TC FX. When another musician hears my rig for the first time I almost always get the same response, "Dam that sounds good/heavy". I have never been a fan of the 6L6 distorted tone ala Fender or Mesa thier clean tones are ok though. To me a good high gain metal tone can only be achieved via EL34 type tubes. So, get where I am coming from?

   Now to the Egnater: This head allows you to set your channels with the "Tube mix" control to either 6L6 or EL34 and anywhere in between. That's a very cool tool. Even more than that you can be redundant and put for instance two sets of EL34 tubes in it. This is awesome because you can use the amp to try out different tubes! When I first got the amp I tried the stock 6L6/5881 Sovteck tubes but quickly took them out. I did try a set of Groove tube 6L6 GE's but was still not happy with them. I then experimented with several other EL34's besides the stock Ruby EL34's, like Svetlana EL34's and Svetlana winged "c"'s and JJ KT 77's. This amp sounds sooooooo good now. I currently have a set of Svetlana EL34's and a set of JJ KT 77's in her. I also replaced the stock phase inverter/driver tube with a Mullard matched 12AX7.  The amp before tube replacement was a little muddy on the bottom and lacked a little punch on the gain channel. With the new tubes, there is now no mud and she is tight and punchy like I like her. I am now in EL34 heaven. I can get the midrange punch of the Svets and the growlier grind of the JJ's, a tonal bliss! This will make one hell of a recording amp.

  Now on to the preamp: If you are a die hard 6L6 fan you may want to stick with them for the clean channel but I prefer the EL34 clean. The clean channel is very warm and silky.Even with the EL34's it still retains plenty of headroom.  I personally didn't find a huge difference between the two tube types on the clean channel. It is more Fendery/mesay than Marshall, but I do really like it. The gain channel is well, inspiring. It has a slightly more richer/thicker tone than your typical Marshall but still has enough Marshall bite to satisfy my Marshall taste. It reminds me of the gain channel on my once beloved Marshall 30th Anniv model. The tone stack on this amp is really good. There are useful tones all the way around.

  On a side note: I did try the amp out using my Marshall JMP-1 into the FX loop(return) bypassing the Egnater pre. This sounded very very good! The power amp on the Renegade is actually a bit more beefier than my Marshall DSL. Volume wise it matches very close to my 100 watt DSL, sweet! Another cool thing doing this was I could play my favorite JMP-1 sounds and then switch the channels on the Egnater(one set to 6L6 the other to EL34) and swap back and forth between two power tube sounds, kick ass! This amp is going to be so much fun in the studio.


General Comments

Well, with the new tubes dare I say, I might favor this over my Marshall rig. Please don't tell Jim I said that. This amp is really growing on me. I never thought that I would find another amp that could compete with my trusty Marshalls. I may just have to explore some more Egnater amps in the future.

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