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Sound Quality

When I first purchased this thing it was for a cheap replacement for a BBE sonic Maximizer in my guitar rig. I have always used a BBE in my guitar rig and find them absolutely great. The BBE adds so much punch and clarity to the sound. Well, after hooking this up in my rig I was very disspleased. It didn't come close to a BBE. So, Out it went and sat on a shelf for about two years. I've been setting up a home studio recently and decided do give the EX3200 another chance. For recording this thing is WAY better than the BBE. You can use it for individual tracks or for mixdown. It absolutely is GREAT in this area. I'm glad I put it on a shelf two years ago instead of selling it or trashing it. It definitly has a use , just not in a guitar rig. It excells for drums and bass.


no problems yet.

General Comments

If you are looking at this for guitar, DON't , get a BBE. But if you want something for recording , get this baby it is awesome in that area. I have never used it in a live situation on a PA mix but, I assume it would do that very well.

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