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Sound Quality

This board has THE BEST weighted synth action out there. Great velocity and aftertouch.


no problems. I previously owned a SL-161 as well and they both are exactly the same.

General Comments

If you read the reviews here you will notice the big let down is not having an LCD screen to verify what channel/parameter etc you are adjusting or are on. You can get by it by just looking at your tone module and verify that it has changed. It's just annoying. When I purchased this one I considered the M-audio Axiom 61. I didn't have a chance to try one of those out so I went for the Fatar since I owned one previously and it was $50.00 cheaper. Recently I got the chance to try out the M-audio axiom at a local Sam Ash and I am very glad I went for the Fatar. The Axiom feels like a cheap casio compared to the Fatar. Hey Fatar, if you are reading this, " I would pay $50.00 more, hell $100.00 more for this board if it had an LCD screen with knobs or buttons to adjust parameters instead the keys."

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