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Sound Quality

For a Crate amp I have to admit, it is much better than any of their previous stuff(meaning it cuts thru and can be heard). This is definitely a LOUD amp. It will easily and I mean easily stand up against a 100 watt tube head volume wise. To be honest, I can't see how anyone would use the solo channel. If you need that much gain than you really don't know how to play and should go take some lessons. This head has way too much bottom end. If you cranked the bass you wouldn't need a bass player. I actually got this head from a friend who's bass player used this as a bass amp-not surprisingly. Any previous comments about this head on par with a real tube head are moot. Get real guys, a real guitarist plays a tube amp, this beast plays you. If you are a retard in a death metal band who knows nothing about tone and how to play a real amp then this is your wet dream come true. All you wannabe death metal fags please listen, SS amps have no dynamics! You like them because you play with no dynamics(read you suck)! A real tube amp does not hide your mistakes, you have to know how to play to use a tube amp. 90% of "BRUTAL" distortion comes from your hands! Learn to use them and stop wasting money on these **** gimmics of amps.


General Comments

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