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DigiTech RP1000 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal

Sound Quality

I originally got it to use as a modeling box for recording direct. It works great for that but it also works extremely well in a live situation with a preamp and power amp setup. I have used it mainly with high end humbucker equipped Ibanez and BC Rich guitars with Marshall pre and power amps. This thing is dead quiet going into a Marshall DSL 100 amp head. It is even more quiet than my Marshall JMP-1 pre. I'll admit I'm not an avid FX user so take this with that in mind. I think the FX sound really good. I can only compare it side by side with two older rack FX processors by Digitech(TSR 12 & GSP 2101) and to me it sounds much more real and organic than the older sterile rack processors. It is also sooo much easier to get a real "guitar voiced" sound out of the FX than the Old Digitech rack gear. The next question is...Can you get the sound of your favorite artists? Who are they? I assume that I could but really I just want to get "MY TONE" out of it which is more important. I am with out a doubt a Marshall tube amp snob. All of my sounds from clean to dirty and everything in between come out better thru a Marshall tube amp setup. I currently use a Marshall JMP-1 pre into a DSL 100(as a power amp) with KT77 power tubes, into two 4x12 Marshall JCM 900 cabs w' gt12-75's. I can run this RP1000 as a preamp and put my JMP-1 in the "amp loop" and switch between the two and compare them. And wow! I can get about 90 to 95% close to my sounds out of it using only the RP1000's sound! Unbelievable! No it will not replace the real deal but getting that close is truly amazing. I have used the other modelers (V-amp, Pod, Vox)in the past and couldn't even get in the ball park of my sound. They always sounded to fake and distant. As for using the RP1000 just as a modeler with the cab sim on I would have to say it also exceeds the competition in getting "My Tone".


So far so good.

General Comments

My style ranges from lighter rock and blues to hard rock, Metal, progressive rock and metal to even the occasional death metal riff. I have played for over 20 years and have owned pro quality gear for many years. Id definitely get another if it came up missing. I love the fact that I can get my sound out of it. I have as stated at the begining only one problem with the RP1000. When editing presets for a live situation(read cab sim off and using the amp models as pre amps)when you scroll thru different amp models everytime you switch to a different amp model a "cab" comes on and you then have to turn it off. That is annoying! I wish there was a way to make just the "cab" simulation to stay off while editing. There is a switch for "amp/cab" on and off but going a step further and having two buttons, one for amp and the other for cab would have been more logical. The only other things I wish it had was more "Marshall" models and maybe a beer tap.

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